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EMT Badge Reel

EMT Badge Reel

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Badge Style
Interchangeable (Velcro Added)

About the Badge

An excellent accessory to your scrubs, shirt pocket, belt loop, lanyard and more. They make super fun and useful gifts for any person in any profession. A great gift choice for nurses, medical staff, office staff, and anyone who is required to wear a badge or carries a stethoscope!

- 2” Acrylic Blank
- Handglittered with Extra Fine or Chunky Glitter on the back with permanent Vinyl on the front
- Sealed on both sides with UV Epoxy Resin for added protection against wear and tear and shine.

Badge Styles
*Alligator swivel clip which can clip to pockets, scrubs, or any other loose articles of clothing that the swivel clip, which is on the back of the reel, can pinch. The swivel clip also allows for 360 degree directional pull that reduces the wear and tear on the 34" retractable nylon cord.
*Non swivel belt with a slide on clip that does not rotate or move to slip on the outside of pockets for clothing
*MRI Safe badge reels made with no metal or anything that would interfre with the MRI Machine, all styles made in my shop can be put on a MRI Safe Badge at no extra cost!
*Stethoscope Tags, perfect assessories that fit around the tubing of stethoscope, once on is hard to come off of stethoscope but not impossible.
-Alligator and Non Swivel Belt Badge Reels are Jeweled with a coordinating color jewel or glitter

*PLEASE NOTE: Placing multiple IDs and other items may place additional strain or weight on the reel which may contribute to the reel failing to retract. Retractable reels are designed to accommodate 2oz (approx 1-2 badges). Also this item is made with UV resin which means it can not be left in high heat areas such as a car, this with cause the resin to melt, break or become flexible. Sierra's Door Décor is not responsible for any damage cause by customer dropping, badge. Damage to reel within 2 weeks of arrival will be replaced, but not issued a refund, for things such as seller error, badge detach or badge reel default.

- Please handle with care!
- While the acrylic has been sealed for additional protection, please remember acrylics are fragile and can break if dropped or knocked against hard surfaces.
- To clean, we recommend wiping with a lint free cloth. Prolonged contact with water or long exposure to sunlight and heat should be avoided as these actions may cause your item to weaken and lead to a defect and breakage.

* There may, at times, be a slight difference between the actual color and the color as it appears on your screen.

* 3-7 business days unless listed as a READY TO SHIP item then processing time is 1-2 Business days depending on time of day of order placed.
* Business days do not include weekends. Processing time does not include shipping time.

Your badge reel will be shipped First Class through United States Postal Service and will include tracking.

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