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Highland Cow badge reel

Highland Cow badge reel

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Badge Style
Interchangeable (Velcro Added)

Each badge reel comes with accommodating rhinestone or glitter to match color scheme of badge.

Badge options
Alligator Swivel- Alligator Claw clip that rotates 360 degrees, perfect for clipping to your collar and design can rotate to be upright.
Alligator clip- alligator claw clip that does not move- perfect for clipping to your collar, pocket or waistband
Slide on belt- slide perfect onto waist band, pocket and doesn’t not move.
MRI Safe- rotating clip made with no metal for anyone in radiology or mri field.
Lanyard- badge reel with black lanyard to have your badge around your neck.
Please see photo for visual reference

Topper option
This will come with the top design only DOES NOT COME WITH BADGE REEL.

Interchangeable option- you will receive the badge style selected with dual sided Velcro on each the topper and the badge reel, this way you can buy multiple toppers and will not have to change out all of your badges each time you want a new badge all you have to do is switch your toppers!

Reminder these are prepared and coated with resin please do not leave in a hot areas such as a car, it can cause resin to lift, become flexible or break.


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